New Knobbly Book Vol 2

Heres the newest book The Adventures of Knobbly; A Generous Squirrel Vol.2 Authored by my dear friend Addy Venture which can be purchased at LULU for $9.99 (96 pages)
These are the continuing stories of Knobbly and friends in the Misty Mountains. He finds someone in trouble and helps, thus making new friends. He goes with Aria (his best faery friend) to a most magickal place complete with Unicorns and gnomes, and learns how bad boys can change. He also shares his favorite treat with us.
Give it a read and come fall in love with Knobbly and his forest friends and Fae friends.
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Days Gone By….

Going through a lot, feeling alone and unwanted by the pagans here in Fargo ND. Most of my coven here has crossed the veils and I miss them so.

Days gone by…

©July 7, 2015 Lady Wolfen Mists
All rights reserved

Days gone by I was someone that people spoke and listened to
Now I am old, and broken and there is little that I do
That’s what they say, they think its all true
When I try “they” walk away and say “Hers was another day”

I served my Lord and Lady true, yet things never stay the same
The pagans here know not my path or the obstacles cleared in Their Name
I am alone and left to die, who will notice, who will sigh?
Who will I leave my Book of Shadows to? What will I do? What will I do?

These new pagans want it all,
but forget respect for those who served the Call
They ignore the Elders and walk away
They know as much as I they say
They read the books, they know the rhymes
This is all alone their time

And so I sit and wait to see,
if someone might want wisdom from me
If there is some who wish to learn and see,
Who this old crone might really be.
An Elder, Teacher, Founder. Leader of days gone by,
Lonely, sad, ignored with a soul that cries.

Still I stand strong with my Lady true
My Lord holds my hand too
I will not turn from my path as lonely as I may be
I stand strong till the Summerland I see
For there my deeds will be in review, I will know I did all I was asked to do

My name will not be forgotten here
as Lord and Lady dry my tears
Home at last with all I learned
Karma cleansed, now for the next return.
Sharing it all to those in need
Loving is the ultimate seed.

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WOlfen Wicca 2 makes its Debut (at last)

Well after many days of work and stubs for fingers I did it and It”s HERE! This is the next book for Wolfen Wicca. Its called Wolfen Wicca 2; Our Walk Onward To Initiation I am happy with it and the cover looks so good, There are 330 pages For $29.99

Here is the description The is the second leg of a spiritual Journey in Wolfen Wicca. It takes the reader to 1st degree level in this Tradition. It follows Wolfen Wicca; A Beginners Journey. This book contains many exciting exercises and information for advanced Level Wolfen Wicca students, everything from learning weather magick, how to see auras, past life regression, working with the Tracker wolf and more. Come, read and enjoy…/wolfe…/paperback/product-22053134.html…/wolfe…/paperback/product-22053134.html

Mercury in Retrograde for 2015,

Mercury in Retrograde for 2015, dont make business decisions, now Back up all electronics and just wait it out. Unless you have business that needs finished in a proper manner, This is your chance to go back and make it right

Jan. 21- Feb 11

May 19th – June 11

Sept 17- Oct. 9

connect us all

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Just a quick Hello

I have been so busy these past few weeks time seemed to fly. Today I must stop and take a breath for it is my fathers birthday and I miss him so much everyday. I did not realize how much I depended on him until he was gone.He spent most of his life in the Navy and I didn’t see him as often as I would have liked, he did 7 tours of Viet Nam and wasnt home a lot but he was my dad and the sun rose and sat in him. I looked forward to getting to know him when I was an adult, I really liked him as a person, Someone I just wanted to be friends with even if he wasn’t my dad but that was not to be, he died unexpectedly and I found myself alone in the world. I am an only child, I have no one and I was/am still lost over this. I long to see someone who has my blood but I never will. …
So to those of you who think you are doing the right thing by having only one child, who say “we have one so we can give them everything.” PLEASE PLEASE think again. What we would love more than anything is to have someone who is of our blood, someone who knows us and who will be there after you leave. A brother or sister who we can look to and not feel lost and alone in this world. Sure they may have aunts and uncles but I assure you these people will always choose their children over these nieces and nephews everytime. You are alone, you have no one to hold you and remember the good and bad times. Do not leave your child an only one for it is a very sad and lone journey and one that tears at the heart, especially at these holiday times of year

On a brighter note I want to thank Shawn and Hugo for such a wonderful card. I will store our new address away and wish you both the very best on your new chapter in life, may your home be blessed with only the most positive type of abundance and happiness

DARKNESS vs Dark/shadow self; What they are

I think I will be using this site as my main blog from now on and leave Bravenet. I have been there for many years but it is just to difficult to use anymore, nothing works. So here I am!

Well here it is, what the Angels have been pushing me to write. I hope one day to place it in a book. Enjoy

DARKNESS vs Dark/shadow self; What they are

by Lady Wolfen Mists 11/25/2014

Ok no more putting it off, here is what the Angels have been pushing me to write. The Difference between the DARKNESS and the dark/shadow self. I haven’t wanted to write it cause I know its gonna open a can of worms and I am not really up to the arguments, but one can not fight the Angels, they always win with me. So angels let your energies flow and lets get started.

Lets start with the shadow self and what that is by my definition. It is the dark half of the self we all have, the Negative polarity wise, that we are all born with. It is a part of you and must be honored, just as the Light half or Positive half is honored. One should never strive to remove the dark half of the self for that would put the soul out of sync and not be true to who you are. Sure the dark half is there and we all sometimes have dark, sad hurtful thoughts. But we Choose not to dwell in them and to keep ourselves balanced. Without the dark half we would not feel pain at the crossing of a loved one, or cry when we hurt. There is a balance that is struck within us between the positive and negative polarities and we work to keep that balance. I have never promoted that one should totally remove the dark/shadow self but one should work within the light and keep all things balanced. The dark/shadow self has its place and is kept there, it does not war with the light and lives side by side when both are in tune. If either side positive or negative is related to too much and allowed to control the self then that also is bad for the self. All things in moderation and that includes both the polarities we are all born with. Acknowledge within the dark/shadow self and let your actions be those that helps keep you on the lighted path. Just because you acknowledge the dark part of the self and honor it does not mean you have to choose to live there in the dark half.

Now on to the DARKNESS. The DARKNESS is an entity/energy in the universe that is not content to lay side by side with the LIGHT. It wants to control and feed off the LIGHT, wants to destroy all LIGHT and has no room for anything else. The DARKNESS is not willing to compromise, it’s one ultimate task is to bring hurt and pain to all. The DARKNESS finds joy, happiness and bliss in keeping so many from their spiritual path and away from a spiritual connection to the Creator(s). The DARKNESS is always in battle with the LIGHT and will attack anyone or anything that works for the LIGHT. The DARKNESS feeds off of us, off our fear, anger, hurt, depression, drug use and anything else that might tie us down to the lower levels of being. One can not reason with the DARKNESS for it is centered on harming all and feeding off of them, controlling their every action. Once done it moves on to the next. All that can be done is to Battle the DARKNESS and send it back to the Universe so that its energy can be reused in a more positive manner that would help everyone.

Have you never noticed that often when you do something good for another that something bad comes seeking you? That is the DARKNESS keeping you from doing more Lighted positive things, Do these things anyway for it lifts your very soul and those you help. The DARKNESS can not have this so it puts obstacles and painful things in your way to get you to refocus your energy. To keep you from helping others and to think only of your problems. When this happens STOP! Take a deep breath and say “DARKNESS I know you are there. I will not serve you, I will not fear you. I will fight again and again no matter how many times I fall, for I am a servant of the Light and Positive path” The battle to keep the DARKNESS from taking your soul (feeding off of it and confining you to these lower realms of being) is on going and if you are a Light Warrior or a Light Worker you know what I am trying to say. We must not let this Darkness win or we (all beings who live in this realm) are doomed to remain separated from the Higher more spiritual realms and serving the DARKNESS as it feeds off our very life essence.

Ok you say, I get that, but what can I a single person do? Do good things, reach out when you can, show compassion, sing, be joyful, be grateful, lift others up, find your spiritual center and work from there, practice acceptance of others, and above all LOVE. That my friends will not just remove the DARKNESS (and send it to be reused in a more positive way by the universe) It will also lift this whole plane of existence up to higher levels, bringing us closer to the Creator(s) and to our true Higher Self’s.

Well now that is done and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. There is much more in depth but for many of you I hope this will be enough to get the point across. No one is asking you to deny your shadow/dark self or not to be all of who you are. No! We are asking you to join in with this battle against the DARKNESS and help lift this world/plane to a higher level. To be balanced in your actions/work and LOVE, that is all.